Where God is NOT

Usually we focus on the fact that God is always with us as found in his promises. When we are in trouble, we look for God. Sometimes we only find him in retrospect. Yet, there are times we just don’t see, hear, or get the feeling he is there.

Psalm 5 tells us that there are times when God really is NOT there.

  • He takes no pleasure in evil.
  • He does not dwell with the wicked.
  • An arrogant person is far from Him.
  • He hates those who do wrong.
  • He destroys those who tell lies.
  • He abhors bloodthirsty and deceitful men.
  • He stays away from mouths that cannot be trusted.
  • He is removed from hearts filled with destruction.
  • He is removed from mouths that only speak death.
  • He stays away from those who scheme.

If you are involved or caught in any of the above activities, God will not make his presence known. God removes himself from these situations because of his mercy. If he hung around such evil and sin, the people involved would be obliterated. God’s holiness and righteousness is so powerful, that none would be able to survive his presence while in sin. In his desire for all to repent, he holds back.

The next time you are caught in such situations or observe such behavior, know that God will not condone it. He will not bless a bank robbery. He will not condone abuse. He will not support lies. Check out your heart first then look at the situation. If you knowingly walked into sinful situations, don’t be surprised God does not show up. He will not be at hedonistic parties. He will not be in street brawls. If you want to be in the presence of the Lord, don’t go there.

God is not your policeman or your body guard. Your choice matters. Choose only those times and places that God can come along to bless. If you do, He will spread his protection over you and surround you with a shield of favor.