Come Out From Under the Shadow

shadowAll of us are born under the shadow of our ancestors. The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generation. Unrepented and unconfessed sin continues on through the generational line. Each generation casts a shadow onto the next. Whenever the door of sin is opened to the devil, he is given the chance to tweak the DNA, mindsets, and bodies of the sinner that can be passed onto the next generation.

Cain was warned that if he didn’t do right, sin was crouching at his door. Sin does not miss a chance to enter the lives of men to waylay them from their destiny.
At the bodily death of each person, their children live under their shadow of unconfessed and unrepented sin. Medicine has long believed diseases are hereditary. Doctors ask the health history of your blood family line. The life is in the blood and the “death” is in the blood. Diabetes, Cancer, heart disease, hearing and vision loss, and even skin diseases are shown to be hereditary.

There are three areas of dysfunction to be addressed in the shadow of the soul—body, mind, and emotions.

Present to the Lord any physical diseases or malfunctions in you and your family’s past. Included in this list may be allergies, cancers, psoriasis, diabetes, bone diseases, disintegrating discs, etc. Confess that they exist, and repent of allowing them to live in the body. Ask the Lord to show you where they originated. Repent of the sin that housed the disease. Fear, anxiety, stress, guilt are common door openers to disease.

Present to the Lord mindsets that are not in alignment with his Word that cast a shadow on your life. Such things as “I have to work for everything I have,” “God only answers some people’s prayers,” “God is out to get you,” “Once you’ve sinned, you are going to hell no matter what.” These thoughts become your belief system that is often fostered by generations past. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what mindsets overshadow you that keep you from God’s best.

Present to the Lord emotions that control you—hate, sorrow, depression, anger, violence, apathy, etc. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what needs to be repented, then repent. This is not a matter of feeling, it is a matter of shedding light on their existence.

Forgive your generations past for allowing these sins to beset your generation. Cut off the sinfulness of that generation. Cut off the sinfulness not the people of that generation. Declare that you have repented and forgiven of the sin that has been washed by the blood of Jesus. Declare that you no longer live under that generational shadow. Declare that you now live under the shadow of the Almighty who will lead you to your destiny.