About Bethany Projects

I believe everyone has a God-given destiny. Our greatest joy is to walk in that destiny. Having written the book, The Path Forward as a basic manual for Christians to proceed on their journey, I find that mentoring and nurturing are still important ingredients for success. “TPF” (The Path Forward) is a Christian mentoring handbook to help individuals walk according to biblical principles. Mentoring includes healing of emotional wounds, breaking ungodly patterns, and developing a godly lifestyle for launching into greatness. This ministry endeavors to provide guidance, nurturing, correction, and encouragement through individual prayer sessions and group interaction.

About Marcia

about marcia opt

Marcia Vogl has been involved in personal prayer ministry since 1992. She holds a BA, and an MS in music education, and has trained at Elijah House. She has completed a Masters and a Doctorate of Practical Ministry at Wagner Leadership Institute with a specialty in women's ministry, deliverance, and workplace ministries. Besides prayer ministry her career experiences include that of a music teacher for grades K-8, college instructor for teacher credentials candidates, full time mom, and a document supervisor in the mortgage industry. She is an ordained minister in partnership with Hidden With Christ Ministries. Residing in Southern California, Marcia has been married for over 44 years, has 3 adult children, and 2 grandchildren.

Marcia is available for seminars, ministry time, or retreats on special request.
For appointments or invitations, contact her at Marcia.prayer@gmail.com

Mission and Partnership

Bethany Projects is in partnership with Hidden With Christ Ministries of Tustin, CA (www.hiddenwithchrist.com). The threefold mission of Bethany Projects is to minister deliverance and freedom through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ; to mentor in Biblical principles applied to life choices; and to foster discipleship with Christians who are actively engaged in taking Christ into the world and influencing their environment. This ministry led by Marcia Vogl seeks to fulfill the command of Jesus at Lazarus' tomb in Bethany to "unbind him." Through personal prayer focused on inner healing and intercession, we remove the chains that keep people from moving in the best God has for them.